About us

In 2016 a visionary group of talented professionals joined hands to create a dream that has evolved into a new company Elephanttree Technologies Pvt Ltd based in Bengaluru. It is an evolution from Snipe IT Solutions – a company that is delivering quality services and trusted by customers from many years. We have research and development team working on products for health care application.

Starting with Product development, Elephanttree diversified into IT Design Services, Product maintenance and build solutions. The company has grown to around 50 employees along with good number of customers.


"Nothing called success or failures in life but we always have term called Challenges, when sky is limit."
Mallikarjuna G D
Director & CEO, Elephanttree Technology Pvt. Ltd.
"To sit and watch you have to be on top. Till that time run as faster you can."
Director, Elephanttree Technology Pvt. Ltd.