DHC application is one repository where user can store all his personal health records. Main intent of this application is to store the digitized data .User can store his health related records like, routine check-up reports, disease, drugs, and lab-report and doctor prescription. Doctor can use this application for updating prescription for his patients, get the records of his patients and also schedule an appointment.


Support for applications. Whenever problem has been occurs in the user application they can send request to solve the problem. The authorized person will register for the user request. The User will enter full details about the problem and sent to the manager. The manager is going to assign the issue to respective engineer. The engineer will go to analyze the problem, after resolving the problem send it back to the manager. Manager sends back to the user with the proper solutions.


Save the time of salesperson when printing the Quotation.Once the salesperson took the access permission from the product owner then salesperson can able to use this quotation maker frequently. To use this Quotation Maker the salesperson has to activate this Quotation maker by paying some money to product owner while registering,after registering the product owner gives user-id and password to the salesperson through email then salesperson can use this Quotation maker to reduce his work.


Job portal is web based application the aim of this project is to design and develop a job portal,on which the job seeker can search the job and apply online for specific job.companies can also post their jobs to find employees for their company. This project is benefit for companies and job seekers.This is used to only for jobs.The job seeker can search and apply online for jobs related to their fields within specific area and salary,and the companies can also post their jobs on this portal with specific information for applicant.


Hotel Billing System project is in which the billing report of every hotel is maintained and permanently stored in a cloud, This application is used in normal hotel and also in big hotels.This includes food billing and room(food) billing. If the admin have multiple hotels he/she can login with their particular id and can maintain the details of multiple hotels without any loss ,because the data of that particular hotel will be pushed to the cloud. Admin will maintain all the reports of the hotel i.e,employee details, creating new menu,table food bill, room food bill details.


Help in Conducting online exam.There are three Roles in our project Admin,Tutor and Student. Admin role is used to joining for new student,Tutor in our institution you have to register Student and Tutor. 1). Admin Role is to maintain the Student and Tutor Profile.First we have register our application(institution) after user id and password will be generated. 2). Once Students has logged in they have to choose particular course so that corresponding question will be appeared on the exam page. 3). Tutor has to update questions for the courses.


The goal of this project is to keep the information about the assets in an office, in a production or a service provider company etc. The main advantage of this project is, it’s an user friendly application here user have to upload the asset information in excel sheet provided by this application and they can download the excel and re enter or edit the information of assets . if it’s necessary means user can take print out of the assets information which is provided by our application.


This project related to the daily activities of Karnataka state news. And shows the fresh and updated news articles in their own local language online . The main focus of the project is to interact the local people to see and watch the news simultaneously and concurrently in the website who delegates all coverage of Karnataka activities. It also represents their own culture over the country ,also for the other things like social movement, economics growth related news ,recipe and many more according to the categories.


Travel companies across the world, are mobilizing innovative, cost-effective solutions to explore technological approach to market their products or services. Travel portal development is a buzzword with all the travel agencies.It is the web application.The scope of this application is to provide customer to book trips and tour packages based on location,type and travel agent. clients can also have their own travel portals with their specification.